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I'm a big fan of David Siroty. When at Coldwell Banker he was able to consistently build on our various advertising and brand campaigns in amazing ways. David is an outstanding business partner who is highly positive, passionate and innovative. He's also a very caring and thoughtful human being. Two big thumbs up for David Siroty.

Rob Siltanen, Owner, Siltanen & Partners Advertising

I can honestly say David is one of the top PR professionals I have ever worked with. He and I were in regular contact when I covered real estate for USA Today and as the real estate editor for the Associated Press, I trusted him, which is the highest compliment I can give.

Noelle Knox, Technology Editor, Politico

I've had the honor of working with David for nearly a decade, and the thing that most impressed me was wherever we went and in any situation, he has the innate ability to develop a deeply personal relationship with everyone he came in contact with. 

Chris Carter, CMO, REP Interactive

David is a truly creative thinker and an expert in his field. During a time of huge shifts in the technology and real estate industry, he trailblazed a relationship between his company (Coldwell) and a major media outlet (CNET) to help both parties learn and grow audiences. He's also a wonderful person, good friend, and a joy to work with.

Lindsey Turrentine, Editor-in-Chief,

There are few professionals like David. He regularly pushes the limits to ensure success. He asks tough questions and stretches those who work with him to think bigger. He invests himself in all that he does. 

Meredith Topalanchik, EVP, CooperKatz & Company Inc.

David Siroty is a professional with a multitude of skills. Public Relations by trade, David is as comfortable speaking to a crowd of 1000's or a room of few. He is as impactful in a sales presentation as he is skilled in handling any type of national media event. He is versatile as a generalist but skillful in targeted specialized circumstances. David is creative and intelligent and connects well and immediately in virtually any environment. He is effective in on-the-spot decisions as well as long term strategies. He is a business partner that you will quickly call a friend.

Nancy Corey, Manager, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Not only is David one of the best I've come in contact with, he's also a tremendous sounding board for those around him and for those who are trying to get better every day. He is someone I routinely call for advice and direction. He is positive, encouraging and the best kind of teammate you could have. Working on a project with David means you are going to work hard, have a lot of fun, but most importantly, placed in a position to succeed.

Derek Cuculich, PR Manager, Discover Financial Services

A master communicator, David is as connected as they come and understands how the changing digital landscape impacts marketing and communications both now and in the future. David also understands the power of integrated marketing and that the days of each group within the marketing department doing their own thing no longer can survive. David Siroty is a thinker, doer and cheerleader that knows how to motivate brands to succeed. He's also just an all-around great guy.

David Marine, CMO, Coldwell Banker 

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